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As you read The Unspoken Gift, you will come to understand the setting for Aldo Martinez� success in life and in his career with the New York Stock Exchange. The intimate portrayal of his early experiences set the path for a commitment to family and community that continues through today. For close to 40 years, Martinez worked at the New York Stock Exchange, first on the trading Floor, and then in regulatory and legal matters. While at the NYSE, he headed two departments tasked with developing surveillance criteria and investigation of potential illegal insider trading, market manipulation, frontrunning and other trading abuses in equities and derivatives. He became the first Hispanic to rise to the level of Vice President at the NYSE. Read More
The Unspoken Gift
In 1961 the world changes for eleven-year-old Aldo Martinez. Until that time he had lived the average life of a middle-class Cuban boy: playing with friends, enjoying birthday parties and Christmas celebrations; the only cloud in his life, the divorce of his parents. Read More
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"The Unspoken Gift" is a wonderful story which should be an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of reading it. Aldo's strong sense of family and community, and his dedication to both, as well as his sense of humor, shine through every page in this enlightening book. Read More